Pubs Unlikely to Survive Unless Business Rates Are Cut

August 13, 2020 / News & General

The Managing Director of one of the largest breweries in the UK has issued a warning to the Chancellor of the Exchequer regarding business rates. William Robinson, of Stockport based Robinson’s Brewery, has called for Rishi Sunak to scrap the business rates, which have been labelled unfair and outdated.

An opportunity for a tax overhaul 

The Brewery has been family-run for nearly two centuries and has 260 pubs, inns and taverns. Through the lockdown, the rent for the property landlords was cancelled by the brewery in order to help them stay afloat. Now the Managing Director is insisting that the government will need to help in the long term, and that the Chancellor should make use of the pandemic, and seize it as a chance to overhaul taxation surrounding businesses. 

Pubs are arguably suffering the worst as they are currently paying higher business rates than retail shops because the current system is focused around expected business as opposed to property size.

Mr Robinson has stated that the government should continue its cessation of business rates over the next couple years to allow pubs to survive and get back on their feet properly. He also argued that restaurants and high street shops are just as much at risk of failing to survive if current business rates are maintained. 

He also mentioned that there seems to be an imbalance when it comes to online companies, saying: “There doesn’t seem to be a fair balance between the physical economy and digital economy on taxation.”

Pubs are closing down

The tax burden placed on pubs, especially during these unprecedented times, has already resulted in many closures across the country. Factors like business rates are only adding to the mounting cash flow problems faced by pubs throughout the UK. 

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